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Install Unifi Controller di Ubuntu 18.04

Saya akan berikan langkah-langkah untuk install Unifi Controller di Ubuntu 18.04 dengan APT yang pernah saya coba. Jika anda menggunakan windows untuk remote ubuntu bisa pakai tools Putty. Berikut cara install UniFi Controller di Ubuntu 18.04 LTS via APT (Advanced Package Tool). Use the following command to add a new source list: echo ‘deb http://www.ubnt.com/downloads/unifi/debian […]

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Alternatif selain .dev untuk developer dengan Chrome

Starting this year, Google Chrome is rolling out v63 that now forces all .dev domains to use HTTPS. There is no workaround and they are apparently not changing this. many articles recommends you use one of the following: “.localhost”, “.invalid”, “.test”, or “.example”. If all this sounds like too much trouble another viable option is […]