Creating a self-extracting archive. Suppose you need to send large amounts of data or documentation to your customers regularly. It is much easier to send one EXE file to the user to be able to run it and to specify the installation path than to make the customer perform the additional operations of unpacking archives or copying files.

Creating a commercial installation package. CreateInstall FREE would be perfect for creating commercial installation packages. Your installation package can

* offer the user to read the license agreement and the Readme file, and to specify the installation path.
* unpack and/or copy the necessary files.
* save various values to the Registry and to the INI files.
* register ActiveX files and fonts.
* create shortcuts in any locations.
* include Visual Basic and DAO run-time files.
* create the uninstall tool.
* start additional programs.

In addition, you can

* use your own icons, logos and images in the dialog boxes of your installation packages.
* Automate creating installation packages due to the possibility of running CreateInstall FREE from the command line.
* Choose among two compression algorithms. PPMD will perfectly compress your data, but it will take more time to unpack it. The default compression is slightly better than ZIP compression and ensures the data will be unpacked quickly.

As you can see, CreateInstall FREE can be used for various purposes and at the same time it is one of the simplest and easiest to use installers. If you need new features in the future, you can always upgrade to the commercial CreateInstall that will convert your projects.