Where can you buy Bintang?
Almost everywhere. Supermarkets, Circle K’s, convenience stores, bars and restaurants, all serve Bintang.

Where can you drink Bintang?
Anywhere you like, except in a temple / mosque / church.

Who can buy Bintang?
Anyone. In Bali the attitude towards drinking / sex / driving, is ‘when you are old enough, you can do it’. There is no drinking age, no ID required.

What can you drink with a Bintang?
Bintang isn’t a particularly distinctive beer. Its decent, especially when served ice-cold. You can drink it by itself, with peanuts, as are often served in Bali, with pedas (spicy) Indonesian food, or at a bbq.

What alcohol content is Bintang?
Bintang is 5%. A light beer.

Selamat minum.


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